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Portland, OR

In Portland, we embrace our community’s eclectic feel and the amazing benefits our city and region have to offer. But Portland is much more than an outdoor-enthusiast’s paradise with a flourishing food scene, it is also a great place to build a career. Portland is home to iconic apparel and high-tech companies as well as a thriving start-up scene—and with over 20 years in the Portland market—Two Degrees is proud to be a valued partner to these companies, and many more, for their accounting and finance recruiting needs.

Portland is a thriving city that offers an abundance of riches for anyone that enjoys the outdoors and whether you prefer to hike, bike, fish, run or ski there aren’t too many places that you can do all of that and top it off with a local world class microbrew or pinot noir. Like most Portlanders, those of us at Two Degrees are proud of our culture and beautiful surroundings and share a passion for our local sports teams. We bring that same pride and passion to our work, always striving to simultaneously fill what may be a challenging role for a client that is also a candidate’s dream job. When we accomplish that, you can bet we’ll soon be celebrating with them over one of those locally produced beverages!

Whether you’re looking for your dream job or an all-star for your team–let’s start the conversation today.

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Eric Ramsperger
Senior Recruiter
Surina Hollingsworth
Andrea Winters
Senior Recruiting Manager